Remote learning

I feel online learing is easy than face to face school.  I think learing online is better than face to face because its more easy work to do and they are much faster to do your work on online.Also You don’t get alot of work cause you have to do it by your own with no help cause you  do it virtuly.Some teachers let you email them if you need help with the work they assigned for you.


Online learing is way easier then face to face school because you can get more work done then having face to face school.  The work is easier cause your able to do it your own pace then having to do as homework cause you didin’t finish it in a certenet amount of time.Also you can do stuff early but if you do it right it can save you so much more time then doing.If doing what i do school will be easy and less then being stressed out cause of work and looking for the instcrutions.


You get less work if you do it virtuly then face to face school.You get less work because the teacher is not with you and you do it by your own with out no teacher.Also they give you less work or to turn in missing assigments to get caught up because the teacher might notice other students confused of what they are doing and how to do it.The teacher might give you less work because sometimes technical issues may happen or they just give less work to get less confusing for other kids.


Some teacher want to give you help cause you email them to get help you want.You might want to ask help cause you might be stuck on a assigment and don’t how to do it.Also you can email them or canvas in box them if you made up a missing assigment and want to tell her to put it in the grading book.Also email or inbox them for telling them you already did this assigment and got 100 on it but they put as a zero in power school and the teacher can make corrections.

Wind turbine technicians

I want to become a wind technician.They have a lot of responsibilities.Have to have skill and education.wind techs have job lookout.

Wind technicians have job responsibility for their job.Wing technicians monitor wind turbines on computers.Wind technicians install wind turbine.Wind technicians fix wind turbines for emergency or something that is wrong with the wind turbine.

Wind technicians need skills and education.Wind technicians need strength and stamina for climbing the turbine or carrying tools.They need problem solving math when they are on the ground to figure out what they did to fix something or make a turbine.Wind technicians nee a certificate or a degree.Wind technicians need to keep eye on the details of the wind turbines.

Wind technicians have job lookouts.Wind technicians earn 54,370 per year and 26.14 per hour.Wind turbine jobs are 57% much faster than average jobs.Wind technicians work outdoors even when it is raining outside.

I plan to become a wind technicians.I will monitor wind turbine and get a certificate for the job and earn 54,370 dollars.I think i will become a great wind technicians.


Some ways Katness and Tessie feel about their village or city.Tessie and Katness live in a dystonia.Katness hates the lottery and Tessie likes the lottery but she dosen’t get picked.Their also different how they take care of their family.

They both live in dystonia.They both have a lottery every year and someone gets picked.The lottery is made by the goverment or someone that is in charge of the dystopia

Katness hates the lottery and Tessie is alright with it.Katness said “I feel Nassau and feel sick i hope they didn’t pick please don’t be me’.That shows that Katness dosen’t like the lottery because she doesn’t want to be in the lottery and hates them.Tessie feels about the lottery it is okay to her as long she isn’t the one that is picked.

They are different of how they care about their family.Katness stood up for here sister and volunteered to go to the hunger games.When Tessie’s family was picked Tessie volunteered her daughter instead of her.

Tessie and katness are the same in ways and different in some ways.They both lived in dystonia but Katness hated the lottery and tried to protect her family and Tessie did not.That is what i think about for these characters maybe you can do better than me.


I would name a school after Cesar Chavez.Cesar helped latino’s get to got better conditions then before cesar protested.Cesar believed in nonviolent stuff.

Cesar helped latino’s get to vote by making speeches about the importance of the right to vote for latino’s.Changed by telling people in a nice way not using violence.Helped out 2 farmer places but told them to join them to protest their rights.

My prediction of the end of the earth

I think the world will end by meteors crashing in the earth.Then the meteor will hit the ocean and make a tsunami and break everything in it”s path.I think it will happen in 2049 and people will see the meteor in the sky and the people in the space will report it and say it might hit the earth.I think other planets will break because the earths core will explode and send parts of earth into planets near earth.I think the moon will bounce out of course and hit another planet and the planet will hit another planet.

Happy new year

This year I want to change 3 things.I will be more outside so I won’t have weaker muscle than i used to have. Also I want to be more healthy.I will eat more better and make better decisions on making choices on what to eat to be more healthier.I want to do more things like play soccer so my legs won’t be less healthier than they are right now.


This year I will more outside than I usually be right now then before.I will probably be more energetic like playing soccer or some sports.I will stay out more then i usually be to get more exercise and to get more in fit so my body will be more healthy then before. also can maybe get new friends while playing outside with my normal friends that I usually play with every day and won’t get boring.

This year i will make better decisions than I usually am right now.I will make better decisions by not trying to get in trouble so I don’t keep on getting in trouble every month.I will make better decisions on food and drinks so i will be really healthy.I will make better decisions on wasting money on things that are not important and waste money on things that I really need for education.

This year I would like to change 3 things.

Thanks giving

i am thankful for technology

Is my favorite thing

I see people have fun

I love video games

I am thankful for technology

I feel hungry every time I see it

I wonder how was caldo made and the smell good

I try to make the taste better then it was original

I can see it every time in my house

I am thankful for caldo

I know they can have a lot of memory’s

I understand that xbox’s are expensive

I’m fortunate because I get many xbox’s

I dream of having each game for xbox

I am thankful for xbox

the lottery

over in the north village they are talking about to get rid of the lottery.old man warner said ‘pack of crazy fools’.old man warner is mad because people are trying to end the i conclued that old man warner likes the lottery.

My vote for world peace

i think to get rid of no more harm. is by not making no more weapons or knifes.having signs saying ‘no weapons’ and weapons that are illegal.cops that are searching for any kind of weapons.

I think i want to get rid of possessions. for so people won’t have to argue over each other.signs for ‘no more possessions’ for people won’t have possessions.people can collect possessions and give them out to people to be fair.

I think to get rid of money. so people will stop making money so people won’t get in trounle.I want to also stop company saving money in banks.also people know money is no allowed is by putting up signs that says ‘no more money allowed’.